Tyra Banks Faces More ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Criticism Over Runway Challenges: She Had Them Doing Obstacle Courses

Tyra Banks has been the subject of lots of scrutiny for her model reality show America’s Next Top Model. 

Even though years have passed since the show first premiered in 2003, resurfaced clips continue to put Tyra Banks at the forefront of criticism over the show’s intense environment.

A TikTok video of an episode where contestants had to dodge huge, swinging pendulums while modeling surfaced online.

Tyra Banks trended on Twitter Wednesday morning, Jan. 21, as social media users criticized her for the challenges.

Tyra Banks addressed criticism of the show last year and said,

“I apologized for it. Because we put it out and even me just watching it after, I was like, ‘Oh, this ain’t right.’ We felt like our skin is beautiful, let’s paint the world our color. And then when we saw it, we were like, ‘Oh no, this excuses other people to do this in a negative way.’”

She added,

“We realized that, and I went on my talk show and did an entire segment on what we did. What we did was wrong, and we apologized for it. But not everybody saw that. There’s a whole new generation of people that didn’t grow up with my show and didn’t see that.”

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