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Rapper Fivio Foreign Says ‘I Would Never Hurt Or Harm Any Pregnant Woman’ Amidst Reports He Assaulted Girlfriend Carrying His Child

Rapper Fivio Foreign made his return to social media with a series of tweets after he was arrested on a simple assault charge for allegedly assaulting his 24-year-old pregnant girlfriend. By a judge’s order, the “Bop It” rap artist was detained in the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey for a few days after his arrest on October 10 and reportedly has been released.

The rapper’s girlfriend, Jasmine Giselle had reportedly told police that Fivio Foreign had attacked her by punching her “in the back of the head,” as well as kicking her and hitting her

“with a glass bottle [just] before pushing her into the hallway without clothes.”

On Twitter, Fivio Foreign denied allegations that he had harmed Jasmine Giselle, who is reportedly pregnant with their second child. He thanked his fans for their prayers before denying the alleged assault:

I appreciate y’all support and concerns and prayers…But I ain’t Neva hide nuffin I do or deny who I was. I wud neva hurt or harm any pregnant woman especially not my GF. My mother wud kill me, plus I’m raise’n 2 blacc lil gurls. & Woman do everything for me in my life.

In a second tweet, the rapper explains that arguments are common in relationships and claims his “nosy neighbors” took their alleged argument out of context as if they believed something else was going on:

In relationships people argue and have disagreements, Whoeva kno is kno we been argue’n we argue & we Weill always argue. It’s juss unfortunate dat I have nos a** neighbors who can’t mind dey own business. Wasn’t da 1st Tyme and won’t b da last.


He continued in his third tweet to explain that his family will get through this situation:

Im loud rich blacc and I have a past so people judge but we will get past dis.. We get thru everything we go thru. We family!

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