Internet Personality Rolling Ray Hospitalized After His Wig Caught On Fire, Suffered Multiple Burns

Wheelchair-bound Internet personality Rolling Ray is in the hospital getting treated for injuries after his wig caught on fire.

In an Instagram Live video from his hospital bed, he showed that the right side of his face was burned pretty badly.


He said:

“Burn my whole skin, leg, arms, feet and everything.”

He then asked his supporters to keep him in their prayers.

“I love ya’ll and I wanted ya’ll to keep me in ya’ll prayers.”

He then shouts out the person who saved his life, adding that it was a near-death experience.

If it wasn’t for K, he’s a Scorpio, if it wasn’t for him. I’d be dead right now.”

Check out the clip below:

Here’s what social media has to say about Rolling Ray’s fire incident.

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