Meanwhile, Australia native Erika takes to her Instagram account to share a message that reads, ‘No matter what, it’s so important to be kind,’ alongside a quote about healing from Lady GaGa.

90 Day Fiance” star Stephanie Matto broke her silence following her split from Erika Owens in the Sunday, May 10 episode of the TLC show. Taking to Instagram Stories, Stephanie said that she made the decision after she trusted her “gut instinct.”

“People leaving hate know NOTHING, and never will. I assure you the whole situation was so much more complex than you realize,” the 29-year-old explained. “I reacted TERRIBLY, but I was under a ton of pressure. It was literally a pressure cooker of emotions.”

Stephanie added that she’s “seeking help for the way I handle things. Stop trying to diagnose me. You watched a highly edited clip on a reality TV show. You don’t have a PHD.” She went on saying, “Again, you know NOTHING about the actual situation, and in the end, my gut led me in the right direction.”

“I understand you have your ideas of who I am, but I don’t think it is necessary for you to voice that on my page,” she shared. “Thanks for watching tonight, hopefully people can watch, judge, and respectfully carry on.”

Before ending her message, Stephanie wrote, “I apologized to Erika, my mother, and everyone involved.”

Meanwhile, Erika wrote on her account, “Remember tonight and every night, that no matter what, it’s so important to be kind,” alongside a quote about healing from Lady GaGa. “Remember we are all people. We are all human and all have emotions. I thank you all so much for the love and support from the bottom of my heart, but that doesn’t need to be validated with hatefulness towards anyone. Love and light always x.”

Erika and Stephanie called it quits as the latter hesitated to introduce the Australia native to her more “traditional” mom. Erika accused Stephanie of playing with her heart and the tension between them led them to split. “There’s obviously a level of misunderstanding between us that I don’t think will ever be resolved. That’s it, we’re done,” Stephanie stated.